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. >> from the white house, president obama is wighing the options in response to a chemical weapons attack he said syria's government carried outlast week. the president is speaking wit his national security team while assuring americans that a strike against al-assad's government would not pull the u.s. into a long-term conflict. >> we are looking at the possibility of a limited, narrow act and we are not considering open-ended commitment and not csidering boots on the ground approach. >> reporter: military experts say the u.s. is eyeing a measured response in the form of airstrikes in syria's capital. >> don't go after the unit that conducted these attacks. they know who the unit is. they kw where they can be located d they willunish the unit with strikes. theywill also do something compelling. th will level a ministry of defens building. >> but it may be a tough sell to the u.s. public. 50% of americansppose taking military action in syria. the u.s. would be acting without the help of one of its strongest allies, britain's parliament has voted against taking action in syria, but the pre
a call from president obama offering federal help. >> well i think we have what we need but this is kind of a daily every day we take a look at it and whatever i'm requested i'll certainly not hesitate to call president obama if i think we need more than we have. >>reporter: the cost of the fire has topped 20 million dollars and is still growing. in tuolomne, abc 7 news. >> now what about the smoke and the weather conditions on the fire line? fch sandhya is tracking that tonight with live doppler 7 hd sandhya. >> yes larry. right now i show you the current conditions there. humidity has been increasing which of course is good news and winds decreasing. we watch the fog here in the bay area check out the conditions at the rim fire. skype degrees relative humidity has come up 45 percent. wind out of the north north west to 5 and certainly not as gusty as earlier today. here's satellite picture smoke from the rim fire you cap see it continues to clearly head into nevada and still moving all the way up towards reno into the neighboring states there and continue to see that. of course t
, but is otherwise okay. >>> a declaration from president obama. what he is saying tonight about the potential of american initter venges in syria. intervention in syria. and a father overjoyed to see his son. why this moment was so emotional. also -- >> because they marched america became for free and more fair. >> 50 years after martin luther king, junior's speech, america still has a dream. plus the little girl who stole the show at today's ceremony. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. as you look at a live picture right now, foggy scene over san francisco. we'll check out your wake up weather. plus a look atúoúo >>> president obama says the united states has concluded the syrian government used weapons in an attack on its citizens. the president says he is now reviewing his options and will meet with his senior advisors and national security team about what to do. those options could include a retaliatory strike against the syrian government. the president insists though that u.s. involvement would not be a repeat of iraq. >>> take a look at this emotionally-charged video out o
for president obama. >> also. word from north korea about the young leader and the untimely death of his former girlfriend. >> also. fire burning in and around yosemite slowing down a little. that is why no one declares victory yet. >> famous old bridge troll destiny uncertain for weeks. cal-trans decision nichblingts from the sutro tower cam are watching san francisco some fog out there check out the wake up weather. plus look at what [ male announcer ] when not treated properly, your carpet stains can reappear. [ laughing ] [ male announcer ] try resolve stain remover, the formula penetrates deep into your carpet and removes stains so they don't come back. trust resolve. forget stains. and can cost thousands of dollars to repair... thankfully, the powerful dual action formula of rid-x has enzymes to break down waste and time released bacteria to reduce tank build up. rid-x. #1 in septic maintenance. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does!
for sro's or single room occupancies which will be honored by president obama in september. >> schools educate people in single room occupancies. >> our thanks to everyone who attended tonight's meeting. if your group would like to team up with abc7 to host our next meeting just go to our community page at abc7news.com/community and click on the abc7 listens meeting. we will share the stories we learned about tonight on the news. >> you may be able to hear the cheering on the peninsula after a big win for the belmont redwood shores little league team. with a score of 3-2 they defeated a team from chula vista and swept the regional series. the game was in san bernadino and a viewing party was held in belmont. tonight's win means they take the top seed as they enter the semifinals on friday. this has been a lot of fun to watch the series. >> and boy they played fantastic. >>> let's get a check on the forecast right now. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here. >> hi, dan and carolynment -- carolyn. summer is making a return. we do have some changes coming as we head into the weekend. live
." president obama and the first lady went out on the town tonight heading to a popular indian restaurant to celebrate the president's birthday. he turned 52 on sunday ask celebrated at camp david. tonight's dinner was kept off the record until they arrived. >> thousands of music fans will pour into san francisco to tick off the first day of the music festival. they are a tracking monster acts. paul mccartney will be there and nine inch nails and the red hol chili peppers will be there. they feature food and wine booths and it is sold out. >> will it warm up for the festival? >> spencer is here. >> i have a feeling many people won't care much about it. it will be nice. we had low clouds and fog throughout the evening. some of the low clouds will push over the bay, but we had a big event overnight and early this morning in san francisco. we had record rainfall for this date. 3/100s of an inch. hardly a downpour. breaks the old record of 2/100s of an inch. well to the north in the part of the state with thunderstorm activities this afternoon and lightning strikes that adds to concern about
seasons hotel. president obama asked cairo to lift a month long state of emergency declared earlier this week. >>> new at 11:00, a high school teacher from california helped save a german tourist after a shark attack in hawaii. the shark attacked a woman while snorkeling 75 feet offshore of a beach in maui. the woman lost her arm after being bitten in the shoulder. that's when this orange county resident sprung into action. >> she was in and out of saying these words "i'm dying." "i'm gonna die." i kept citying no you are not. we are getting you to shore. >> he backstroked through strong victims as he pulled her back to shore and she is in critical condition tonight. >>> iowa doctors are issuing a warning about do not eat a tapeworm to lose weight. an iowa woman actually ate a live one of these you can see on your screen as a diet aid. apparently several websites are selling them as a weight loss tool. they can grow up to 30 feet in your intest tin. some causing seizures. doctors say eat healthy if you want to drop the weight. >>> some san diego disk jockeys barrowed a scene from "t
landing on asteroid taking sample then returning to earth. proposed trip part of obama bump it for the space agency the but the mission doesn't take place until 2020 at the earliest. mission would probably take 9 days and would use the new 0ryan space capsule. >> golden state warrior turn some of the fans into stars. >> warrior fans looking for some of the biggest fans to star in this season commercial. want everyone mom dad kids grandparents. >>reporter: fans will have 30 seconds to show how much they love the warriors. casting call tomorrow. registration begins at 2:00 o'clock at the oakland convention center on broadway. more information good to our web site and click on see it on tv. >> they have no problem getting great people because warrior fans are some of the best in the league. loyal and enthusiastic. >> weather forecast weekend almost here. >> sandhya is here now. >> a little warm-up coming as we approach the weekend. live doppler 7hd showing you the usual. summertime fog. right interthe coast. pushing in over parts of the north bay right now. we will se
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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